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JavaScriptDeveloper rating: JavaScript Libraries by.uk The repository of useful JavaScript widgets and other scripts. Small selection, but of good quality and well-organized. JavaScriptDeveloper rating: Javascript Toolbox JavaScript Toolbox is the collection of libraries: data validation, dhtml tree control, table sorting, and more. Ajax (also ajax ; short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated Web development techniques used on the client-side to create. PhpliveX is a php ajax library and framework to use php with ajax; to call php functions in the same page via JavaScript without reloading the page, submit forms. All ajax requests are sent as post only, so it can still interact with GET query strings, like paginations and such (?p1 /?p2 /.). The code is mostly commented using phpDoc and jsDoc, for a steep learning curve, using doc-enabled IDEs, like Netbeans, Aptana, Phpstorm and Eclipse based IDEs. I have a Struts2 action in the server side for file downloading. action name download class wnAction result name success.


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