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It is very simple yet very useful feature to have in your next application or web project. Primary KEY autocomplete (state_id)) p, database, you must have seen suggestion by browser itself when you are filing.You can wire ajax it up to an html input tag and set it up in minutes. It can receive any kind of datasets through a php site with ajax callback so no postbacks are done while search is in progress (it is also possible to call.aspx or other kind of dynamic pages)).We are using mysqli_fetch_array to fetch records as an associative array.?php require p if( isset( _request'keyword' )) ) keyword _request'keyword query "select from states where state like 'keyword result mysqli_query(db,) lets start with the database first. State varchar(30)) NOT null, create table IF NOT exists states ( bEST FREE HD MOVIE DOWNLOADING SITES state_id int(11)) NOT null auto_increment, query html while ( row mysqli_fetch_array(result,) mysqli_assoc) ) html.' li '.row'state'.' /li echo html;?


In p we will add an input tag and hook it up with the initializer script included in search. Js. The onkeyup event will call up the InitAutoComplete function which will be described later. Function InitAutoComplete(event, input) var myAutoComplete new AutoComplete(input urce " p" ; myAutoComplete. QueryString " q" ; lay 300 ; myAutoComplete. MinLength 1 ; archCaption " Search." ; sClassBox " searchBox" ; sClassLabel " searchLabel" ; sClassProgress " searchProgress" ; sClassSelected " searchSelected" ; myAutoComplete. It is very simple yet very useful feature to have in your next application or web project. Lets start with the database first. Database, create table IF NOT exists states ( state_id int(11) NOT null auto_increment, state varchar(30) NOT null, primary KEY (state_id) p, you must have seen suggestion by browser itself when you are filing. So this control was written in pure JavaScript so you won't need any external resources like jQuery. Using the code, using and setting up the control is very simple. This article won't go in deep analyzis how this tool works and what is happening behind the scenes in the core JavaScript file. Autocomplete feature is used to provide auto suggestion for users while entering input. In this tutorial, we are going to suggest country names for the users based on the keyword they entered into the input field by using jQuery ajax.


Js file. It has been simplified as much as possible for programmers who were trained in program language similiar to C#. It is fully O bject O riented and structured so won't be difficult to read the code eVROX 2.1 FREE DOWNLOAD ( if you compare this with jQuerys' concept you will find this quiet a friendly code ). Any

On your php page you are going need to request this parameter and its value from the url (PHP e.g.: _GET'q.) the response should be formatted as a json ajax response array. Just keep in mind that you need to answer to the request in json array ( for PHP there is download a function called json_encode to do so )). Here is a working example how you can response (answer)) with p :? QueryString : usully " q " or " term " but this is also up to you.