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Fixed posible double free in text-overlay (ultim)). Virtual to out of memory error message. Partial 2.6 update of Avisynth_C interface. DirectShowSource support negotiation of non-standard MediaSubTypes warpsharp "I420 dOWNLOAD ALBUM POTRET PERTAMA "NV12 "YV24" and "YV16".Fixed posible leak with realloc in ConditionalReader (ultim)). Add current dwAvailPhys, fixed RGB32 to Y8 pixel warpsharp right shift from 4th pixel on (Robert Martens)). Fixed Overlay YV24 Image444 leak. Add #ifndef ksdataformat_subtype_PCM ieee_float for newer SDK's.


Added "Global OPT_VDubPlanarHackTrue" to flip YV24 and YV16 chroma planes for old VDub's. Added "Global OPT_avipadScanlinesTrue" option for dword aligned planar padding Added Matrix"average" mode. Added ContinuedDenominator/ContinuedNumerator(filimiti) script functions. Tweak: fix MaskPointResizing put back Dividee isse code (use ssetrue). Added fast kernel for YV24 to ConvertBacktoYUY2. Added core formats: YV24, YV16, Y8, YV411. Bugfixes Fixed missing I420 in DirectShowSource pixel type error message. Fixed VideoInfo:Is property to reference image_type (not pixel_type). Add \"Global OPT_dwChannelMaskint\ add 0x0063F speaker mask for 7.1 wave_format_extensible. Add.dll DelayLoad exception texts to crash message formatter. ImageWriter, add support for printf formating of filename string, default is 06d.s n, ext Add avs_get_error(AVS_ScriptEnvironment to avisynth_c interface. Add WeaveRows (blit cost) and WeaveColumns (slow) frame combining filters. Add AudioDuration as float seconds, IsY8 IsYV411 PixelType as a string script functions. Add Echo and Preroll filters. Add IScriptEnvironment:Getavslinkage and dllexport AVS_linkage for host usage of avisynth. Info: Audio only clip now creates its own canvas video. AviSource: Include packed/padded processing and -ve biHeight logic for compressed input. Add Script Functions :- BitLRotate, BitRRotate, BitChange, BitClear, BitSet, BitTest and their asm aliases.


Fixed YV16- YUY2 always ran both mmx and C code. Fixed YV12 Blur C code skiping left column. Fixed Conditional functions with Y8 referencing non-existant chroma. Fixed frame range clamping in ComparePlane (ultim).

Add BitAnd BitNot BitOr BitXor script functions. Asin, sinh, (Wilbert)) Fixed stringstring bug when total length download is 4096K-1. BitRShiftS, fixed SincResize misuse of "int abs(int (Gavino)). Fixed ImageReader upside down tiff in 178 DevIL. Fmod, bitLShift, fix Lanczos and avisynth Blackman sinc use of float 0.0, use small limit " 0.000001". End0 means end at frame 0. Log10, add dither option to Levels, add "ConditionalSelect cscshowb" runtime filter. Rgbadjust Tweak. Tanh, add Script Functions :- Acos, length0 means zero frame clip. BitRShiftU and Hex. Atan2, add StrCmp StrCmpI script functions. Atan, add SeparateRows (zero cost)) and SeparateColumns (slow)) frame slashing filters. Cosh, add YV24 support for Limiter show option.