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Does anyone download know how to make it work or is there a similar app which can be used instead? Hey It appears that backgrounder does not work for ios 6.1. It examples that shows how to download in background backgrounder and how to report progress. I need to know how I can have my iOS Application start a download in the background of the application (like,) i wouldn't download anything in the AppDelegate directly. Thanks.Hey! Have the download run in the AppDelegate file) so.Just use, asihttprequest it is way easier than nsurlrequest and does exactly what you need.


Queue) self. Queue asinetworkQueue alloc init autorelease; nsurl url nsurl urlwithString m asihttprequest request asihttprequest requestWithURL:url; request setDelegate:self; request setDidFinishSelector selector(requestDone request setDidFailSelector selector(requestWentWrong self. Queue addOperation:request; /queue is an NSOperationQueue self. All of these multitasking apps, like Auxo, and multifl0w, like these are not multitasking apps, there just apps like give u access to switching to other apps that's it. The only true multitasking app is Qusar because it keeps the apps running in the background while u are doing other things, the way things should. The Background Transfer Service is a new feature in iOS 7 SDK. In this programming tutorial, we show you how to use it to download file in background. Backgrounder app allows to run multiple similar type apps at the same time in the Bernard on Cydia download for iPhone 6 Plus; Buck on Cydia download for iOS 8 8.


Hey It appears that backgrounder does not work dOWNLOAD O2MANIA for ios 6.1. Does anyone know how to make it work or is there a similar app which can be used instead? Thanks.

Here is the download code from ASI examples that you can use: - (IBAction))startBackgroundDownloading id)sender if (!self.) backgrounder the class can work as a singleton or can be passed to each view controller that requires it. Let's call it MyService I would then initialize that class in my app delegate. Instead I would create a separated class just for that purpose. In MyService class I would add the asinetworkQueue and few methods to handle the requests when they are ready.