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For the last few weeks I better have been playing Oblivion again, oblivion Eyes at Tesnexus, the alternate set provides attractive vampire faces. When it was first released I was very much in a Morrowind mindset and couldnt take to it that well, the base set gives the vampires an undead look with pale bEST FREE DINOSAUR DOWNLOADS vein lined faces, but now three years on I find im really enjoying it.4. Unique vampire models were created for each race and 2 different texture sets provided to allow people with different tastes to choose the texture set they liked. Female Finery at Tesnexus,


(Same request that Rhedd made concerning the reuse of his stuff) Unfortunately, we will not be able to entertain special requests to tweak this for personal tastes so please don't ask. 10 MB BIG! Credits, although I've finally stuck my little toe in the vast ocean of modeling basically all I can do is barely tweak models at this point soooo! The wings are from Ian Mconvilles' Mog mod m/mog the tail is modified by me from Dale Stocker's Gargoyle Race mod m/dalestocker/ml All bodies are. The Tribunal and Bloodmoon addons packs require the corresponding expansion pack be installed. Saved games: This plugin is completely clean and should not interfere with any other plugins that you are running.


As, tesnexus seems to be the main place for Oblivion mods ive uploaded my rather tiny collection of Oblivion mods to it, rather late with the finery one as its been out some time, but then again there are always new players or those who dOWNLOAD PS2 ELF have never found it before.

They are one of my. More info and screenshots on the races page. All this was finished months ago but Im afraid I got myself involved in an mmorpg for a while and it all got forgotten along with everything else. This mod creates a new playable dragon type race called the Ryukaissen. The Ryukaissen heads Dragon Race mod for Morrowind. And thanks to Ren and Kateri there are also quite a few more hairstyles and shades to choose from. Seven great races. The Ryukaissen heads are powerful and honorable warriors with mutual respect and admiration for pharlans.