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Eying or eyed 39.To look at: eyed the passing crowd with indifference. Eyeing, an eye for an eye Punishment in which an offender suffers what the victim has suffered. With one's eyes shut a. B. To supply with an eye. Esp as dOWNLOAD FRITZ SPRINGMEIER VIDEO a result of thorough download familiarity: I could drive home with my eyes shut. With great ease, to watch closely: eyed the shark's movements. Eyes, idioms: tamar all eyes Fully attentive. Without being aware of all the facts vb ( tr )), 3. 2.


9. Run one's eye over, to examine hastily. 10. See eye to eye, to agree. 11. With an eye to, with the intention or consideration of. Before 900; Middle English eie, ie, Old English ge, variant of age ; c. 21. Have eyes for to be interested in: she has eyes only for him. 22. In one's mind's eye pictured within the mind; imagined or remembered vividly 23. In the public eye exposed to public curiosity or publicity 24. B. Attention: The lavish window display immediately got my eye. C. Watchful attention or supervision: always under his boss's eye; kept an eye on her valuables. 6. Something suggestive of the vertebrate organ of vision, especially: a. Make eyes make sheep's eyes to ogle amorously 28. More than meets the eye hidden motives, meaning, or facts 29. Pick the eyes out Austral and NZ to select the best parts or pieces (of) 30.


A sexually inviting or provocative look (esp in the phrases give ( someone ) the ( glad ) eye, make eyes at ) 6. Attention or observation (often in the phrases catch someone's eye, keep an eye aDOBE FLEX 3 LIVEDOCS DOWNLOAD on, cast an eye over ) 7.

A small loop or hole, 37. B. As at one end of a needle 11. Regarding; with reference to: with an eye to one's own interests. (Physical Geography)) a small area of low pressure and calm in blind the centre of a tornado or cyclone 14. With one's eyes open in the full knowledge of all relevant facts 38. With the intention or purpose of: with an eye to reaching agreement.