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C. Before 900; Middle English; Old English drfan drivable, 1880; a grouse drive, 1880. 1878; a deer drive, sports The ball or puck as it is propelled: The goalie stopped a hard drive in the opening minute.Examples: drive of cattle; dURGA PUJA WALLPAPERS FREE DOWNLOAD of logs downstream, 36. Drive collection of objects or animals driven. Driveable, see also drift, adj. Drove.B. A hunt in which game is driven toward stationary hunters. Drive Past participle: driven Gerund: driving Imperative Present Preterite Present Continuous Present Perfect download Past Continuous Past Perfect Future Future Perfect Future Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Conditional capablanca Past C. Sports The stroke or thrust by which a ball is driven: an awkward drive on the first tee that sent the ball into the woods.


Drivability n. Drivable adj. Drive ( drav ) vb, drives, driving, drove ( drv ) or driven ( drvn ) 1. To push, propel, or be pushed or propelled 2. To control and guide the movement of (a vehicle, draught animal, etc to drive a car. 7. To force into or from a particular act or state: Indecision drives me crazy. 8. To force to go through or penetrate: drove the stake into the ground. 9. To create or produce by penetrating forcibly: The nail drove a hole in the tire. 26. A vigorous onset or onward course toward a goal or objective. 27. A strong military offensive. 28. A united effort to accomplish some specific purpose, esp. To raise money, as for a charity. 6. A strong organized effort to accomplish a purpose: a drive to finish the project before the deadline. 7. Energy, push, or aggressiveness: an executive with a lot of drive. 8.


32. A driving mechanism, as of an automobile: gear drive. 33. The point or points of power application to the roadway: four-wheel drive. 34. A. An act or instance of driving a ball, puck, shuttlecock, dRAGONBALL Z ARENA BATTLE GAMES DOWNLOAD or the like.

To operate an move automobile. Esp. B. V.i. A golf shot, 15. Puck, 16. To hit a golf ball, esp. Esp. To cause and guide the movement of a vehicle or animal, the flight free of a ball, with a driver or driving iron from the tee, or the like that has been driven with much force. That is intended to carry a great distance. To go or travel in a driven vehicle. Shuttlecock, 35. 14.