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Another Note about mismatched roms/CHD If you download different versions of the rom sets fOOBAR2000 FLAC PLUGIN DOWNLOAD you will end up with all sorts of problems.DO NOT extract Each Game/bios ZIP! Note FAT32 Formatted drives will fail download TO download extract AS they ARE TOO BIG FOR FAT32 filesystem! They are supposed to be in zip/7z form! Put all of the games ZIP/7z files and put them inside "roms" Folder too. Grab all the Sample files and place them inside the mame Folder "samples". Ntfs format no problems!


Then again with mouse Button. You will end up with a line that says P1 Button 1 A or Joy0 or Mouse O Repeat with keys till youh ave it setup as you want. As soon as you have key bindings set, quit the game and mameui Goto the mame Folder and go into the CFG folder Copy the file "G" to somewhere safe! If mame resets control maps you can simply replace the CFG file with the "backup" cfg and your key bindings will be restored! Sound samples are required by some games else they have No sound! Not required though! So you should have z:mameuiroms z:mameuiroms z:mameuisamples (z: being your Hard Drive letter load mameui. Chapter 2 - mameui Options, once you have mameui loaded you need to configure ightly. Where it says P1 right/UP etc. These are the control setup for games with TWO Joysticks! "Robotron" for instance! Configure one for Cursors and other for fire buttons 1-4! If you see controls your not used to or don't understand - ignore them for now! Support Emuparadise: Sponsor Message: Share with your Friends: Support Emuparadise: Find out how else you can support emuparadise. It's free, easy and feels damn good! For starters, share this page with your friends.


This is important as on exit of the program settings are saved! A Crash out before saving dOWNLOAD FREE NIGERIAN SONGS means setup again!.and mame does crash! Chapter 3 - Audit Reload mameui Now you have everything where it is supposed to be you can audit your roms You will notice on the Left side of mameui a panel.

You should at this point have a game loaded (woot!)) Press "TAB " and a little box will appear Go to "Input download (General Press Return Player 1 Controls and setup your download keys how you require them This takes some getting used to.) otherwise you should have a box saying a warning that you don't own the original. Yadda Type OK or press left / right on cursor keys/joystick Now for the -last- bit of the mameui Setup chapter 5 - Control Bindings.