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Shared Friendly Fire 7. Force team balancing 6. Disable spectating enemy players 5. Disable Freelook Spectating 4. New Gametype - Headquarters - A radio randomly spawns duty into dOWNLOAD EPISODES OF THIS AMERICAN LIFE a map as neutral. Killcam call On/Off 3. Search Destroy - You no longer have a weapon when planting the bomb. Ban Abilities For Server Administration 8. Your team must capture a radio by standing near it with no enemies around.2. So that the bomb is now the condition for victory. Server Hardware displayed in Server Browser 9.NEW features 1. - Planting the bomb near the end of the round stops the round timer,


- When a player lands after jumping, his/her speed is briefly reduced, making bunny hopping a less effective tactic in multiplayer. - Adjusted hitboxes on player models to make them more accurate and thus making rifles more effective. Important note: Use of the in-game console is not supported by Activision(r). Please do not contact Activision(r) Customer Support with issues that arise from using console commands in-game. Notes FOR MOD users: - It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the Call of Duty directory be removed before installing this. Gametype fixes 1. Behind Enemy Lines - Fixes some allies not showing up on the compass in large servers. - Fixed a bug that would make enemy indicator on the compass not show up. This radio is now neutral and must be captured. - Spawns are regulated by a reinforcement timer, which spawns players in 45 second intervals. This reinforcement timer is displayed on the HUD and players only have to wait until the closest spawn period before rejoining the battle. - The number of grenades given to a player is now based on the weapon selected. Sniper rifles provide 1 grenade, Bolt-action rifles provide 3 grenades, and all other weapons provide 2 grenades.


- The icon for password-protected games should now properly show in the dOWNLOAD LECTEUR server browser menu. - Fixed a crash in the main menu that came about when users left the computer sitting at the menu for prolonged amounts of time.

Connecting to a server that contains a new map or mod will automatically begin downloading the files associated with the map or mod. Teams with an odd number of players will be as balanced as possible. 13. Allow Downloads There is a new client command in the Multiplayer Options screen download called "Allow Downloading." When set to on, force team balancing - Added server-side call cvar scr_teambalance to force teams to have the same number of players.