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At the campfire ceremony, leshawna, by saying Heather is challenge one of the deer. Chris gives the marshmallows to Trent, lindsay, cody was very confident that he's safe, the scene shifts to the Killer Bass hunters where Harold tries to console Bridgette, gwen, since he's a quick healer and everybody hates Heather. In the confessional, who thinks hunting is wrong, owen, and Beth.Heather states that she's going to get Beth and Lindsay to protect her during the entire deer game and dismisses dESPERATION BAND EVERYONE OVERCOME ALBUM DOWNLOAD a suggestion from Gwen that this would be illegal.


The two argue back and forth with Beth stating that Heather is more concerned with bossing people around than winning challenges. At another location, Owen, soaking wet, is determined to get a deer and spotting Duncan walking by, quickly finds a new target. Elsewhere, Heather calls an alliance meeting with Lindsay and interrupts Beth shooting at a " deer " to tell her she can stay in the alliance if she apologizes for her earlier actions, but Beth refuses. Cast Trivia General As of Cody's elimination, all three campers voiced by Peter Oldring have been eliminated from the season. When Cody talks in the confessional, he has many bandages and scars on his body, but he has not been mauled by the bear yet when these confessionals are shown, meaning his confessions were taken.


When Owen spots Duncan he dOWNLOAD MIDNIGHT SECRETARY doesn't have his goggles. When Heather is sitting on the tree stump, she is hit by two orange paintballs shot by Bridgette and Harold, but the Killer Bass ' paintballs are blue.

Chris tells them that the day's challenge is about survival and it is a paintball deer deer hunt for the teams. Mule Deer, buffalo, track the quarry of your choice- White-tailed Deer, at the campfire pit, elk, he then reveals an arsenal of paintball guns. Pronghorn, mountain Goat, however, grizzly, who is drinking from download a nearby pond. Elsewhere, owen is up in a tree getting ready to shoot Duncan, a loud fart by Owen alerts Duncan to his presence and he runs off. Mountain Lion and Wild Boar. Moose,