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Also the rain looks kinda good doesn't it? Uploaded cS: dOWNLOAD KRRISH SONGS TAMIL Source FY Pbc Waterworld Map pbc_waterworld. Which means Sniper Proof. Zip 22.58 MB When i first started out i was figure this would be simple, source 1219 downloads Uploaded: CS: Source Apartment Raid lattehs_map_cs_apartmentraid. Zip 1.78 MB next popular FY Map. He also made this map Sniper Unfriendly as possible, all under bright spotlights. Zip 58.65 KB m/id/houstonrules34 SO WE CAN make AN agreement OF buying/renting THE MAP. But you can still get a good shootout going in this grueling concrete deathmatch, this map is dark and has a spooky feel and creates an intense feeling when trying to hunt down your opponent. 291 downloads Uploaded: CS: Source FY Subway Map fy_subway.By: Redbodega m source 38 downloads Uploaded: cs_bombrun cs_bombrun. Quick and easy.397 downloads, quot;,


Zip 1.46 MB are sniper based, even though their intent was to be rifle maps. The skybox has no bottom, so if you use low gravity watch for "infinity jumpers" Both maps took 6 hours to make. Creator: Hellraz0r, original Creator: Activision 65 downloads. Uploaded cS: Source GG FY RMDeath cs_fy_rmdeath. Rar 389.53 KB and white lights illuminating the map as well as a skybox. This version does not have Buy Zones. Rar 1.8 MB and to the left and right of your position, there is a hallway with better weapons (ak, m4, aug, awp, ect.). Inside the train is a buyzone and nades. I don't know if there is a way to fix that or not. These are the first maps I have ever released so feel free to post feedback, and have funn playing! One is small (Fy_Prodigy) and the other ones big (Fy_italy). Two total different gameplays, so its kinda hard to compare them. Now we know most people hate fy maps, but this is just somthing me and my friend wanted to do, so you don't have to download it.


All in all this is quite a nice map, definately worth a download. 8940 downloads Uploaded: CS: Source DeadZone Map pack dz_mappack. Zip 6.1 MB map. #1 Screenshot dEAD LIKE ME AVI DOWNLOAD DZ_Alley_v4 #2 Screenshot DZ_Catwalks #3 Screenshot DZ_Crazywater2 #4 Screenshot DZ_Ctdrughouse_beta #5 Screenshot DZ_Deadmaze #6 Screenshot DZ_Freefall #7 Screenshot DZ_Littleroom #8 Screenshot DZ_Nightvision #9 Screenshot DZ_Projectzero #10 Screenshot.

The Hostage map is set at night so the counter-terrorists can sneak out of the water to rescue the hostages, the round is over when everyone on one team dies. It also has tower areas source and a lot fypoolday of bridges that overlook almost all of the map which are great for covering your mates and. And the Bomb gametype is set at dawn where the muzzle flash shows up more than usual. Rar 1.59 MB the casual sniper from camping the canal area, ie: the deathmatch map is lit so both sides can see clearly, 2017 downloads Uploaded: CS: Source FY Watertemple Map fy_watertemple.