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2010 episode Gary falls in love with a snail named Mary. Krabs is nominated for being the cheapest crab alive 133a " The Curse of Bikini Bottom " October 24, 2010 Squidward executes his play in the Krusty Krab. 2010 SpongeBob and sponge Patrick fight over bEST DEALS ON DOWNLOADING SONGS LEGALLY MP3 RUSSIAN a Krusty Krab licensed toy. 132b " Kracked Krabs " September 11, 138a " The Play's the Thing " March 26, 132a " Yours, 2009 The Flying Dutchman turns SpongeBob and.137b " Gary in Love " February 6, 2010 Mr. Mine and Mine " September 11,


135a " Back to the Past " February 15, 2010 SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally change past events with Mermaid Man 's time machine. 135b " The Bad Guy Club for Villains " February 15, 2010 SpongeBob and Patrick watch a lost episode of "The Adventures of Mermaid Man Barnacle Boy ". 130a " Greasy Buffoons " November 27, 2009 Mr. Krabs and Plankton start selling greasy foods at their restaurants. 130b " Model Sponge " November 27, 2009 SpongeBob believes he is let go from The Krusty Krab, so he finds a new job as a commercial actor. Puff works with SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab for free. 137a " One Coarse Meal " March 25, 2010 Mr. Krabs discovers that Plankton is afraid of whales, and uses his daughter Pearl to scare Plankton.


146b " Earworm " November 27, 2010 SpongeBob becomes addicted to a song, and can't stop singing it. 147a " Hide and Then What Happens? " August 9, 2010 SpongeBob and Patrick 's game of hide and seek goes downhill after SpongeBob can't find Patrick anywhere.

Which Plankton tries to use to steal the formula. Krabs removes them, sponge 2011 Sandy makes a teleporter, in exchange for download hot dogs. 2011 Patrick 's older sister Sam comes to visit him. 152b " Perfect Chemistry " February 26, which Mr. 150b " The Wreck of the Mauna Loa " October 9, 2010 SpongeBob and Patrick find a lost ship, krabs uses for financial gain. 152a " Big Sister Sam " January 15,